Laptop Repair & LCD Screen Repair

Broken Laptop Keyboard
It is impossible to work on a laptop that has broken, sticky or inoperable keyboard keys. Let our friendly technicians at PC Medix replace your laptop keyboard and make it feel like new again. Keyboards are available for all major laptop brands.

Laptop Disk Drive Crash
It is not unusual for a disk drive on a laptop to crash without warning. If this has happened to you, call PC Medix. We stock the hard drives required for laptops and get you up and running again quickly.

Laptop DC Power Jack / Power Plug Replacement
Non-working power jacks and power plugs are common problems for laptop users. PC Medix can easily replace the power jack on the motherboard for a flat fee. Contact us for details.

Laptop Data Recovery and Backup
Do you need a backup of your data to move to your new computer, or want a backup just for safekeeping? PC Medix will back up all your important documents, photos, music and more to your choice of media. Do have a dead hard drive with files on it that you need? You don’t have to worry – our data recovery specialists can get those files for you!

Laptop Upgrades
When your laptop needs an upgrade to improve performance, contact us. Whether it is a new hard disk or memory, we have the items you need to “tweak” your laptop!

Virus and Spyware Removal
Computer viruses and spyware are running rampant, and either one can take over and/or damage a computer operating system without the user’s consent or knowledge, bringing anything from annoying popup ads to serious hard drive damage. PC Medix provides a flat rate service fee to clean and remove all viruses and spyware, restore Windows operating system, install security updates and improve the speed of your laptop.

Windows Crash
Do you receive a Blue Screen when your laptop comes on? Windows has crashed, and the operating system must be reloaded. PC Medix will reload Windows, restore system drivers and install security updates, all for one affordable flat rate fee.

low Running Laptop
Are you tired of waiting what seems like forever for programs to open and files to open and save? If your laptop or computer has really slowed down, you can speed it up significantly with a new Solid State Hard Drive upgrade.

Internet Connection and Browsing Problems
If you have a high-speed internet connection but feel like you are on dial-up with websites and email messages that take forever to load, PC Medix will come to the rescue with quick and affordable on-site service.

Networking – Wireless or Wired
Wouldn’t it be nice if your laptop could be set up with printer and file sharing, automated backup and more? Home and office computers systems and laptops offer more power and flexibility when they are networked together. Call us and we will get your computer, laptop, and related devices “talking” to each other, with either wired connections or wireless devices!

Onsite Laptop Service
PC Medix will come to your home or office to service your laptop needs. We can come to YOU for network setup, network consulting and support, printer sharing setup, new computer setup, data transfer and data backup tasks, virus removal and MORE.